VSS - IP intercom/RoIP solutions

The VSS solution is designed for:

          Simulation and training of radio and intercom networks

          Communication switch for command and control applications

The solution provides the following capabilities

          RoIP gateway to actual radio equipment

          Telephony (PSTN) gateway(analog FXO, E1/T1 trunks, SIP)

          Radio, intercom and telephone activity monitoring tools

          Software only

          Comply with industry standards

The solution provides the following tools

          User/Trainee application (supports Win. XP, 7, 8 including touch screens & tablets)

          Supervisor/Trainer application suite

          Radio traffic scheduler/generator

          Interception quality computation

          Tools for AAR (after action review)


VoiceGW solutions

The VoiceGW solution is designed for:

          Applications requiring voice/VoIP non blocking switching

          Command and control applications

          CEBP (communication enabled business processes)

The solution provides the following capabilities

      GW solutions for analog /E1 / T1 to ip or vice versa

       GW solutions for RS232 to ip or ip to RS232

        GW solutions for high speed data acquisition sources to ip

        GW solutions for analog voice/video to ip

        Store and forward



Custom IVR/conferencing solutions

Custom design IVR and / or voice conferencing solutions.

Scalable and cost effective solutions

Utilizing best of breed voice processing cards and VoIP stacks

Interfaces to Telco switches via E1/T1 or SS7

Interaces to ACDs

Interfaces to CTI  servers


High speed data logging and pumping

Handling of XXMBytes/sec data logging applications or data pumping from/to the LAN

Support for such applications over PC/Windows or variety of hardware boards and operating systems

Applications for high speed D/A data acquisition;





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